Integration Video – It’s ok to be scared

Since the embed isn’t working here’s the link. Thanks for responding, not sure this video was worth this much effort but what’s the Internet for if not wasting time. 🙂

An attempt at a semi-amusing video that Jim and I made earlier this year. It focuses on the fact that integration is difficult and can be overwhelming but we’re lucky enough to have people here to help (although talking to me can be a hardship in and of itself).

The embed from teachertube doesn’t seem to be showing up for me. I’m not sure why. If you’re wandering by please let me know if you can see the video in the post.


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8 thoughts on “Integration Video – It’s ok to be scared

  1. No luck here – I’m on a macbook if it helps to know that.
    Thanks so much for the comment and resources on teaching blogging. I loved what you had to say about concepts/skills and I plan on working that in!

  2. Thanks y’all.

    I’m on a macbook as well. I think Chris is probably running Linux but I don’t know. I don’t have any issues with the on site videos so I’m not sure what the deal is. Kelly Dumont mentioned he has had issues with the embed from teachertube so maybe it’s a system problem (or maybe I did something odd).

    Dee- I like to try to tackle big picture items and then break things down although it does often make things harder on the presenter. It seems like too often with technology we show people the minute details of how to do something and often miss the big picture items like why you should do it or how it fits in the scheme of things.

    You can see that a lot in people who dislike computers because they’ve been taught or have memorized/written down exact steps for tasks without ever being exposed to the big picture or understanding how things work on a general level. It’s a lot like driving by directions without knowing where you’re headed. If there are any slight deviations or mistakes it now becomes really easy to get lost and it’s also nearly impossible to find your way back. I know this because I get lost a lot in real life due to the fact that I navigate point to point with no concept of where I am in time and space.

    Thanks again and sorry for the epistle,


  3. The embedded video works great for me Tom! And it’s hilarious. I’m guessing that this video was heavily influenced by the original Blair Witch Project, eh? Great use of the MacBook’s glowing apple for effect 🙂

    The kids ycheering at the end actually had me laughing out loud. You guys should create little logos for yourselves, the ITRT gang or something of that nature 🙂

  4. I finally got time to watch the video – hilarious! I love the Onomatopoeia presentation as well. I just got our first iPod and a Belkin tuneTalk is on it’s way. We have concentrated on proficiencies in the past but I’m hoping to move us into some more creative and fun Web 2.0 starting officially in the fall. I’m trying to start getting a little “viral” excitement going now with a few interested people. Even though you have posted your presentation on the web I would like to have your permission to use it as a resource.

    I am not a teacher – I coordinate scheduling of our project lab, do support for our online gradebook, and some staff development (and basically whatever else I’m asked to do LOL) so your advice is greatly appreciated. I KNOW how to do things but I’m not always good at breaking it down and I know the only way I’m going to pass on my own excitement is to make it as painless as possible.

    I have had some issues with embedding YouTube videos lately as well. I was never able to embed a video from TeacherTube and when I emailed them about it they sent this link which I haven’t had time to test out but you are welcome to look it over. It looks somewhat complicated so I’m hoping they come up with a better solution soon.

    Again – thanks so much for all of this! Dee

  5. I could see the embedded video just fine. Very funny stuff… I plan on posting about soon… Great job, once again!

  6. Ben- glad it got you laughing. I wasn’t sure it’d come across right but figured I’d put it up anyway. I have been thinking about a fun logo.

    Dee- Feel free to use the presentation. The more use the presentation gets, the better. 🙂

    I do a lot of the same things in my job. Staff dev is one of the harder jobs around. Nothing like trying to change the minds of adults, right? Teachers are also some of the toughest students around. With all the stress teachers are under you’ve also got to make it fun . . . and painless. Really easy, right? I look forward to seeing what you do, hope you’ll be posting on it.

    The video I had issues with was from It’s worth checking out if you haven’t seen it. I’ll check out the link though, maybe the same fix would work.

    Eska,- Good deal. I look forward to seeing your post.

    Everyone else, glad to see the video’s started working again.

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