Interactive Introduction to the Human Body


National Geographic has an amazing interactive look at the brain, heart, digestive system, lungs and skin. You can stimulate the brain with a variety of inputs and see what part of the brain reacts. The heart can be “put through the paces”, the digestive system fed, and the skin aged. You can even trigger an asthma attack in the lungs. Each section looks at anatomy, function, and ills. This could be the centerpiece of some great student-centered exploration in a health or science class.

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4 thoughts on “Interactive Introduction to the Human Body

  1. Thanks, Jim!

    I just forwarded the link to our 7th Grade Science teacher, who begins her Human Biology unit next week. We’ll definitely be exploring it.

  2. Have you guys been to That site takes the interactive human body to the absolute next level. It does require the installation of a little ActiveX control, but it’s worth it. Our science teachers are already using it…

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