Movie Titles to Teach Presentation Aesthetics

The movie title sequence holds the unique responsibility of setting a tone for the movie to come. In their worst moments, the title is an annoying distraction keeping you from the movie you are excited to see. But in their best moments, a title sequence helps to build anticipation and excitement.

Powerpoint or Keynote serve the same function in a presentation. When you sit down for a presentation and see the first slide, you are either captivated or irritated. This is multiplied when you know you have 30+ student presentations to sit through. In a world where how content is presented is just as important as the content itself, we need to help our students understand the importance of aesthetics.

Enter Submarine Channel’s growing collection of movie titles. The site serves up a diverse collection of opening titles that could easily be used to start a discussion on powerful presentations. Students could view a series of sequences, analyze them, and regroup for a conversation.