New Internet Safety Video

This is part of a class I’m working on for our students. The idea is to start each lesson with a “hook” video that will capture their attention and introduce the concept we’ll be covering.

This one uses a bunch of short clips from popular (and not so popular) videos to show the power and influence that Internet video can have. The emphasis at the end is that you can either use this power wisely and possibly become a hero or screw things up and become mocked for “generations to come.”

For the teachertube version the direct link is here.

>>>>Edited to remove ebaumsworld reference on one of the videos- Thanks Chris and I’m working on a possible Ninja intro (time allowing)

The sources for the video are listed below-

3 thoughts on “New Internet Safety Video

  1. hey guys…

    once again, excellent video! i prided myself on knowing the origin of most of your clips, except for the dramatic prarie dog. been watching all the videos over there and cracking up!! thanks for the laugh…

    (btw, above is a link to my new blog; you may remember me from my old blog ( yeah…i’m moving…

  2. Mrs. Green-

    It’s not up on youtube. I’ll try to do that soon. Teachertube seems to be working for me right now although it’s been a little shaky of late.

    Congratulations on the new site and coming out as an author. I did the same thing along the way. Nothing wrong with starting cautiously.


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