Online Media God–400+ tools for creating content


When I was issued my Dell laptop for my new high school tech teacher position, the first thing I noticed (moving from a Mac) was the lack of media content creating/editing software. “Well, I’ll just have to work this year to collect a group of web-based programs that will do the job,” I resolved. Luckily, the folks at Mashable have done it for me. In fact, they have put together the most comprehensive annotated list of sites I have seen to date.  Take a second and check it out.  I’m convinced even the most knowledgeable media editor would find something new on this list.

via Neatorama

5 thoughts on “Online Media God–400+ tools for creating content

  1. They don’t let us install anything on the computer, which is why I am looking for web-based programs that do not require installation.


  2. Related subject–I just put my toe into Web 2.0 applications in November. My district had blocked every blog!! Luckily they were willing to unblock blogs I needed to look at but continued to block flickr. Now I’ve noticed they’ve blocked YouTube, don’t know what they are so afraid of…the kiddos can access everything on phones or home computers. Oh well, I continue to use what I need–one day at a time. Have a gret return to school. N.

  3. It is a constant battle, Nancy. A constant battle. My mantra is “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

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