Seeking a Blessing

I’m semi-happy with how this turned out. I lost a track twice thanks to not paying attention and some help from my kids. You might think hitting save a lot is a good idea but it also wipes out your undo options. It might have been better but waiting for good enough is the reason I have several hundred draft posts on this blog. It’s all in good fun anyway.

Anyway, here is mashup of Gardner Campbell’s Open Ed 2012 keynote and Tighten Up by the Black Keys. It is not necessarily representative of Gardner or the The Black Stripes but it ought to encourage you to check out both.


Thanks to Grant Potter for encouraging me to do something other than nothing.

2 thoughts on “Seeking a Blessing

  1. Awesome. I was meaning to try my hand at one of these remixes al la 2009, but am glad you got the ball rolling! Actually, the link to the audio being posted here brought the file back out of oblivion for me… maybe this weekend will bring the remix.

    Nice work!

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