Stepping Up: Non-Programistan/Non-HTML Exhibit Page

Ben called me on the fact that Exhibit really was too much for most teachers/humans. It seems no one wants to know HTML these days has ever wanted to know html. So my “no programming” claim was weak and as a true patriot of Non-Programistan I had to step up.

Here is a spreadsheet where you can put in some basic fields. It builds you the Google Spreadsheet headers (you have to cut and paste them in) and with a little simple work on your part in the spreadsheet the HTML is made for you. You have to cut and paste it into a text editor and save it as html.

I made this page with it.

Now, this version if fairly rough but it works. The whole thing is limited and will only do the sortable table view but it’s a decent start. There’s a lot you could do to expand this to allow mapping, time lines etc. as Exhibit is built to be modular. I might have to learn enough programming to make this work in a web interface some day.

Step 1

You put in the data types, headers etc. you want.

Step 2

After pasting in the URL headers into a Google spreadsheet you publish it and copy the XML feed and paste it into the spreadsheet.

Step 3

Give the page a title.

Step 4

You cut and paste the html from this cell.

Step 5

Once you paste the code into an html editor and upload it you should be golden.

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  1. Jim said on April 7, 2008 at 2:29 am

    One can never say that Non-Programistan does not respond to the people’s will!