Lord of the Rings – Web 2.0 Style

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I saw this on Neatorama. It’s worth checking out for the mix of web 2.0 story telling twists. You’ve got chat, emoticons, a Middle Earth twist on Google Maps some texting.

It’s a multimedia extension of the chat room colonization of the US concept.

You’ve got lots of room to play with this concept in a variety of subjects – history and English are pretty obvious but you could use it wherever there’s an interaction of objects and create a narrative around it. It’d work in chemistry (enzymes as instigators comes to mind), science (biomes, cell interactions) and government (it’d be a fun way to look at the bill to law process- maybe as a Google Map).

3 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings – Web 2.0 Style

  1. Brilliant! Currently watching Return of the King on TNT when this game through on the aggregator. Absolutely hilarious spoof of the Fellowship, and an interesting idea for maybe bringing some more life to the study of the classic literature. I’d love to the see “The Scarlet Text Message” 🙂

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