Stranger Portrait #2

More interaction with the human, still missing the focus

I don’t want to be the “creepy guy with the camera” that D’Arcy mentions in his #ds106 talk but I do want to be able to capture certain images and interact with other humans in a variety of ways. If I can make myself keep trying these I’m hoping, eventually, I will have the banter and people skills down well enough to do this without it being awkward for both parties.

Taz was chosen in part because he didn’t look like he’d be worried about me- camera or no. He’s pretty much the exact opposite of the first portrait. I learned his name but nothing else about him. I did not need to tell him not to smile. This experience was different than the first stranger photo but not any better in most ways.

You’ll also notice that the pictures is out of focus as well but we’ll cross that bridge when I can focus more on the photography and less on the human interaction portion of things.

I will say that this would make an interesting project to do in a school. You’d have to prep students properly but it would be interesting.

8 thoughts on “Stranger Portrait #2

  1. 2 photos and you haven’t been punched out yet! Success! For what it’s worth, I’m absolutely loving these stranger photos. Knowing the kind of courage it takes to walk up to someone and ask to take their picture, no strings attached, somehow gives each of these photos an intensity. Like they’re eyeing you, looking for the “catch”. Simultaneous trust and distrust.

    1. Tim – Good point. I am proving, once again, that Jim Groom cannot predict the future.

      I wonder if I was better at this if they would look the same (only in focus).

  2. Asking people if you can take a picture of them in an art in itself. Photos are like the kind of things you can keep in a drawer or on a wall. Dance on the other-hand, is one of those arts that just glides by us. Asking someone if you can take a photo of them is what I am now going to call “psychoart.” If that word ever gets well known, and I am sure it will, I hope it makes me really really rich. And famous.

    Nice balance of darkness under cap and white on other side of face.

    1. Todd– Interesting point. I think you are right about the asking part. That takes some next level skills to do properly. Re: Psychoart – I will pay any and all royalties directly to the bank account of your choice. Make sure you get that promise in writing from a bunch of people or you’ll end up like Jim Groom and the edupunk debacle.

      Jim – pretty sure you did that on the actual flickr image. Let me know if I’m wrong…

      Also, next time take better fiduciary care of the words you make up.

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