3D GIFS Conversation

So there’s a bit of conversation going on around making gifs appear 3D. I like it because it’s playing tricks on the way your brain processes information and it requires you to think in three dimensions. It’s not something most people normally do and what initially really hurt my head when I played around with Motion and Google Sketchup. In any case, lots of people have been in on the conversation but I thought Talking Tina’s demos were well done and explained but I thought seeing the top down view might help a bit. I thought this would be fairly easy but given the wide angle lens, I think things get weird optically in that a tiny bit of forward motion results in dramatic differences in perception along the planes of intersecting lines. I don’t know that is true but if you try drawing it weird things happen. In any case, it might help someone get the idea and I have another example in the works which might be easier. Original GIF from Talky Tina Colored Line Addition Top Down View