The Circle of Openess is Complete

Alan Levine, the magical CogDog, interviewed me a few weeks back asking about good things that happened to me because of the open way I share my work. He compiled a huge number of these stories for his presentation at the Opened Conference and they are well worth watching. Watch the archived version of Alan’s presentation below. OK, with all that as a set up here’s what I thought was wild about today. I’m in Virginia watching the conference which is in Vancouver1 on uStream 2. Up pops Alan’s presentation and I end up watching my own video interview which was a surprise. At almost the same moment I see over twitter that Jim Groom is there watching me as I watch me. I don’t know why this seemed so amazing to me but it did and still does. I see this as an amazing story of openness on so many levels and such a cool example of the beautiful way information can flow in instantaneous ways. 1 3,000 odd miles away and nearly 3 days of driving 2 because it’s a conference about openness after all