Assessing Online Course Quality

If you’re looking for answers, this is the wrong place. I’ve got a lot of questions though. We are trying to increase the number of online courses we offer. I have my own opinion about what a good online course looks/acts like but I’ve been looking for something from people who have more credibility and more experience. So, let’s take a look at one of the major players. iNacol The National Standards of Quality for Online Courses This document is fairly large- detailed in odd ways, vague in others. I get the feeling after breaking it down that it’s something a consumer/purchaser would use to evaluate a course as opposed to a creator evaluating their own course to improve it. The rating scale for each element: 0 Absent—component is missing 1 Unsatisfactory—needs significant improvement 2 Somewhat satisfactory—needs targeted improvements 3 Satisfactory—discretionary improvement needed 4 Very satisfactory—no improvement needed Content – 14 items in this section I get frustrated that The course content and assignments are of sufficient rigor, depth, and breadth to teach the standards being addressed. is given the same weight as Issues associated with the use of copyrighted materials are addressed. Giving these factors equal weight in the rubric makes no sense to me. There are many similar examples. I have no confidence that the end numeric score […]


Asterpix – Part Deux – The Review

[snap url=”” alt=”My Thumbnail” w=”400″ h=”300″ link=”on”]Through the magic of the Internet I got a comment from Nat Kausik who works for Asterpix (update 2015 – asterpix is now spammy). It still amazes me when this happens (and ups my faith that they’ll stick around because they are listening and responding to the user). Nat requested a little more detail regarding what I’d like to see improved in Asterpix. I’m not really sure why he needs more information. I think “it’s not quite as slick as I’d like” is a pretty detailed and useful feedback. 🙂 Here is what I’d really like to be able to do with Asterpix in my dream world. Please note- I find Asterpix to be very useful right now and I intend to use it. I encourage others to use it. I really feel they’re providing something that no one else is and I’m very grateful for that. That being said, here’s what they could do that would result in my getting a “I Heart Asterpix” tattoo. I’d like much more control over my notes. I want to be able to control their shape, fill opacity/color, line thickness/color/opacity. In a really perfect world I’d be able to use a tool something like the polygon creator in Google Maps to plot points to make irregular objects. […]

iQuiz and iQuiz Maker (Updated)

iTunes has released a new game for iPods called iQuiz (available through the iTunes store). Aspyr is now offering a new free quiz maker for Macs (PC to come). Could be an interesting review tool. You could have students produce questions and answers and create a review quiz from the best submissions. via TUAW UPDATE: Aspyr has now made iQuiz Maker available for PCs. (Thanks, Mike)