The Cliche Rotation Project- Act Now!

Defective Yeti (a very funny blog which has nothing to do with yetis or defects) had the following post-

Of course, the problem with cliches is that they are just so darned … you know. Cliche.

That’s why I am initiating the Cliche Rotation Project, to replace our current set of cliches with new ones of equivalent meaning. For example:

Old & Busted New Hotness
Made a mountain out of a molehill Saw a duck and shouted “dragon!”
Quiet as a church mouse Silent as a shadow’s whisper
Ready and willing On it like a bonnet
Wore his heart on his sleeve Flew his feelings from a flagpole

I’d love to do that in an English class.
It could be done to reinforce the ideas of cliches (and avoiding them).
You could use it as way to approach vocabulary (each “New Hottness” cliche has to use one of our vocabulary words).
I think it’d even work well with a poetry unit.
You could also have them illustrate their cliches.
They’d make good journal or story prompts. (Draw three new cliches out of the hat and include them in your story)

All in all just a great way to get kids having fun with words and focusing on language.

He’s inviting submissions through comments on the post. Why not try your hand?