Twilight Zone Titles Poetry

This is the first #ds106 assignment I’ve done in a long while. The challenge is to write a poem using only the titles of Twilight Zone episodes. It’s an easy one for any English teacher to use as is or to adapt to whatever restricted set they want – chapter titles from a book, band names, Top 40 song titles, scientific names for animals etc. etc. I think more and more that a major part of English class ought to be encouraging students to play with language and then to figure out why they like what they like. Maybe that’s obvious.

Thanks to Todd Conaway for the assignment (official assignment in the repository) and for the work getting the titles in one place. I also took his Word doc and put it in a Google Docs table to help me see more/most of the titles at once and because I dislike having to open programs on my computer these days.

Is The Apocalypse Upon Us?

Mr. Denton On Doomsday

The Fear
The Fever
The Last Flight
The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
The Four Of Us Are Dying

And When The Sky Was Opened
I Shot An Arrow Into The Air
The Last Flight
The Purple Testament


The Silence

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  1. Todd Conawsy said on May 24, 2013 at 8:10 am

    All oh the “The”s at the start, and then at the last. Nice form. Direct like the final end. Like when silence hums, and everything is clearer than before.

    Great remix of titles.

  2. Alan Levine (@cogdog) said on May 24, 2013 at 8:46 am

    There is nothing better than seeing some Woodward creativity back in the ds106 mix- what have you been doing all year, sitting in meetings?

    Hey, if you share your google table url, I will add it as a resource to the assignment.

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    […] But he made an idea to have a contest and write poetry out of just the titles from episodes of The Twilight Zone, and he made it into ds106 Writing Assignment 1071 Poem Made with Twilight Zone Episode Titles.   I saw that he had written poems, and then my True Friend John Johnston wrote a poem in the comments and some more on his blog, and them Mr. Tom Woodward wrote one called “Mr Denton on Doomsday” on his six-million dollar man bionicteaching blog post Twilight Zone Titles Poetry. […]