Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-10-09

  • Monday Night Raw To Host Presidential Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match


    The school also plans to host various social media workshops focused on teaching people how to effectively communicate via social media. These seminars will cover subjects like, do’s and don’ts of Facebook (with an emphasis on posting “like a mom”), what all the five primary social media outlets are and how to tell the difference between them, and why no one likes rampages.

  • Chrome Music Lab

    Some fun stuff

  • Avoid “Culture Fit” If You Want Innovation – The Creativity Guru

    “that human-resources staff, when considering recent college hires, ranked cultural fit above a candidate’s referrals, coursework and grades.” (If you’re not white and male, this probably isn’t a surprise. And you’re probably not excited by the idea of playing a spin the wheel game, with three white guys, in a pit full of balls.)

    Your work is meaningless. Your grades don’t matter. Just agree with us on stuff.

    Also I would not enjoy playing spin the wheel in a ball pit with three white guys.

  • Officials confirm 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis found safe in Memphis; West Hogs in custody

    Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd of Florida has a message for the suspected kidnapper, who legally changed his name to West Wild Hogs from Matthew Clark Pybus: “Don’t you hurt that baby.”

  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign builds a bot that sends you Donald Trump quotes – The Verge

    —really an interesting application of new possibilities

    In the last month alone, HFA has also produced a Pokémon Go-aping game designed to influence swing states, and an online fact-checking tool that worked overtime during the debates themselves. As it launched Text Trump this week, the campaign also released its I Will Vote bot, an assistant for Facebook Messenger that checks whether you’re registered to vote, and helps you sign up if you’re not yet on the books.