Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-10-23

  • Of Course Westworld’s Costumes Are 3D-Printed, Too – Racked

    With the exception of some places in Italy or maybe England, you honestly can’t find beautiful, intricate fabrics anymore. It’s really sad! So we had to hire 3D printers in Los Angeles to reprint all our vintage fabrics so we could have more — and then beg them to work around our crazy TV schedules.

  • Vine star Logan Paul profile – Business Insider

    A source close to the stars went so far as to say it’s a combination of living on Vine Street and the re-Vine tool — not necessarily talent — that keeps these stars on top.

    “You literally have the top 30 Viners creating what is nearly all of the content that is being viewed on Vine,” he said. “And all they do is just help each other get bigger and bigger. It’s not a democracy,” he adds. “Probably for a lot of people who want to do cool things on Vine, it’s discouraging.”

  • Found Objects & Focus on the Details: A Look at Sculpture Artist Nemo Gould’s Upcoming Solo Show | SF Station – San Francisco’s City Guide

    Each piece is a feat of engineering with many moving parts, lights and little secret components—rewarding tidbits for observant viewers who are also willing to take their time and go in for a careful look.

    Each piece evolves through a very long chain of improvised connections between the many objects in my collection. The process really starts with the gathering and sorting of these found objects. I often describe what happens next like a jigsaw puzzle. I look for obvious connections between shapes and themes, and then gradually work through finer levels of detail and complexity until a piece feels finished.

  • This ‘disgusting’ app for rich people is actually all of us – The Washington Post

    This was, incidentally, part of CEO Juraj Ivan’s motivation for launching Rich Kids: to separate the boring capitalist antics of the bourgeoisie from the more impressive Instagram posturing of the super-rich. Since 2012, Instagram’s upper crust has used the hashtag #RKOI to flag their extravagant displays of wealth — but over time, it’s gotten far less exclusive.

    “The problem with a hashtag,” the 28-year-old quips, “is that anyone can use it.”

  • terra.js

    A JavaScript library for simple biological simulations and cellular automata.

  • Attending to the Digital

    O, but they say the tongues of dying men
    Enforce attention like deep harmony:
    Where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain.

    “You get a push notification on your phone to tell you Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her exclusive Paris hotel room. What are we supposed to do with that information? How do we learn to see differently and not just react to what’s “obvious” about these sorts of stories?”

    It’d be fun to build a push interceptor/judo thrower that appends various actions around wandering/creating to push messages . . . Kim Kardashian was robbed . . . write a poem about it . . . research the area . . . localize it . . . make it relevant . . . donate to prevent/encourage future occurrences etc. etc. It wouldn’t help attention but it’d be interesting.

  • Asked and Answered – Futility Closet

    It was true. On his application form Turing had encountered the question “Do you understand that by enrolling in the Home Guard you place yourself liable to military law?” He could see no advantage in answering yes, so he answered no, and the clerk had filed the form without looking at it.