Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-09-10

  • I Can’t Get Google – YouTube

    think about this sometime you assume people have some shared understanding of the Internet

  • Is there any value in people who cannot write JavaScript?

    The worst part about pushing the “know everything” mentality is that we end up creating an industry full of professionals suffering from burnout and mental illness. We have people speaking at conferences about wellbeing, imposter syndrome and full stack anxiety, yet despite that, we perpetuate this idea that people have to know everything and be amazing at it.

  • Corrupted Blood incident – Wikipedia

    The spell, intended to last only seconds and function only within the new area of Zul’Gurub, soon spread across the virtual world by way of an oversight that allowed pets and minions to take the affliction out of its intended confines. By both accidental and purposeful intent, a pandemic ensued that quickly killed lower-level characters and drastically changed normal gameplay, as players did what they could do to avoid infection. Despite measures such as programmer-imposed quarantines, and the players’ abandoning of densely populated cities (or even just not playing the game), it lasted until a combination of patches and resets of the virtual world finally controlled the epidemic.

    h/t https://twitter.com/lindseybieda

  • idyll-lang.github

    Idyll is a tool that makes it easier to author interactive narratives for the web. The goal of the project is to provide a friendly markup language — and an associated toolchain — that can be used to create dynamic, text-driven web pages.

  • The Online Photographer: Photography Isn’t Getting Any Easier

    Photography isn’t getting any easier mainly because the hard parts are still hard. Seeing and recognizing photographs (both while shooting and while editing) and understanding their meaning and their appeal have never been common skills, and still aren’t.

    Some things are much easier c. 2017—for instance, getting a sharp, clear, well-exposed, in-focus shot with accurate color in low light with a minimum of labor. But for everything that’s easier there are other things that are harder—for example, cutting through the noise and getting attention for your work in a field that’s global, overcrowded, atomized, and Balkanized. Much harder now.

  • BinderHub Documentation — BinderHub 0.0.1 documentation

    BinderHub allows you to BUILD and REGISTER a Docker image using a GitHub repository, then CONNECT with JupyterHub, allowing you to create a public IP address that allows users to interact with the code / environment you specify in the repository within a live JupyterHub instance. You can also specify a specific branch name / commit / tag to serve.

    h/t Stephen Downes

  • Can Techie Parents Reinvent School For Everyone–Or Just Their Rich Kids?

    Six-year-old Tiana had just gotten her ice cream machine working for the first time …..

    Eyes wide, Tiana turned to her teacher, Shira Leibowitz.

    “Shira, this is the most important day of my career,” she declared.