Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-01-21

  • Tobias Schneider on Twitter: “Somebody forgot to turn off their Fitbit. Markers trace known military outposts, supply and patrol routes.… “

    Somebody forgot to turn off their Fitbit. Markers trace known military outposts, supply and patrol routes.

  • Donald Rumsfeld’s Snowflake Poetry Is Exactly What America Needs Right Now – POLITICO Magazine


    I have a feeling that
    the things I want to do
    that we have to drop
    off the calendar
    don’t get put back on.
    For example,
    I still need a dentist appointment.
    Nov. 28, 2001,1:21 p.m.

    h/t my lovely wife

  • Walgreens Vampire | Orlando – Yelp

    He’s normally referred to as the Altamonte Vampire, although I’ve never seen him in any other businesses than Walgreens, as he pretty much lingers there late at night. I’ve also heard to him referred to as Dracula, but I think the Walgreens Vampire is more fitting than anything.

  • Prior Art – Futility Closet

    Krøyer patented his technique in the United Kingdom and Germany, but (the story is told) the Dutch application was rejected because a Dutch examiner found the 1949 Donald Duck comic The Sunken Yacht, by Carl Barks, in which Donald and his nephews raise a yacht by filling it with ping-pong balls.

  • Senate Quietly Admits It Doesn’t Protect Staffers’ Personal Email Or Devices From Hacking

    The government agency responsible for policing the Senate’s cybersecurity doesn’t actually protect staffers’ personal devices or accounts, creating what one former congressional staffer called “a major threat vector” for foreign hackers.

    “If I were a foreign intelligence service, I would be looking at every single congressional staffer, then I’d look at their personal email accounts because they’re all using Gchat,” said Daniel Schuman, a former House of Representatives staffer and the current chair of the Congressional Data Coalition, a nonprofit group that urges Congress to become more transparent and tech-savvy. “The Senate is not doing anything, nor is the House, to protect that,” Schuman told BuzzFeed News.

  • My Grandfather’s Travel Logs and Other Repetitive Tasks · An A List Apart Article

    But what do you do when you’re faced with a problem that can’t be solved with a plugin, like my grandfather’s travel data? If you’re a designer, what’s the best way to structure unconventional data so you can just focus on designing?

  • Comic contracts and other ways to make the law understandable

    Considering how swamped we all are with agreements and terms, from the workplace to just downloading apps, we need to change the way the information regulating our legal relationships is presented, as well as the level of other detail it contains.

    Pointlessly complex contracts have to stop. This is why some lawyers are rethinking contract design, using mind maps, illustrations and even contracts in comic strip form, which is the focus of my research.