Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-07-22

  • Logging Activity With The Web Beacon API — Smashing Magazine
    The Beacon API is used for sending small amounts of data to a server without waiting for a response. That last part is critical and is the key to why Beacon is so useful — our code never even gets to see a response, even if the server sends one. Beacons are specifically for sending data and then forgetting about it. We don’t expect a response and we don’t get a response.
  • Did you know that style and script tags can be set to display: block? | CSS-Tricks
    The other night, Amit Patel mentioned that you can set script tags in HTML to display: block with CSS and then edit that code inline with the contentEditable attribute. This means that you can then see it all update live in the browser as you type. Shortly after, Marius Gundersen replied that you can do this with the style tag as well.
  • A pre-history of weeknotes, plus why I write them and perhaps why you should too (Week 16)
    Writing: I know from experience that naming and recording these wobbly feelings is valuable because, at some point in the not-too-distant, you come back to your own work and say, “holy shit, that’s amazing, how was I capable of that,” and then you read the historic weeknotes and realise that at the time you were miserable about what you are now delighted by, and closing the loop like that gives you perspective during self-doubt moments in the future.
  • Quantified Self — Project Pages | Welcome
    A fascinating way of using mood tracking in a clinical setting has been pioneered by Dr. Alan Greene. His experiment with Reverse Mood Tracking came from pausing briefly before walking into an exam room to note his current mood. Then, after walking through the door, he would pause and note whether his mood had changed.
  • BoxIcons : Premium web friendly icons
    nice option
  • ofrohn.github.io
    Interactive, adaptable celestial map done with the D3.js visualization library. So, GeoJSON for sky stuff. Which surprisingly nobody has done yet, it seems.