Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-12-16

  • That Isn’t a Mistake – dy/dan
    But the vast majority of the work we label “mistakes” is students doing exactly what they meant to do.

    We just don’t understand what they meant to do.

    Teaching effectively means I need to know what a student knows and what to ask or say to help her develop that knowledge. Calling her ideas a mistake transforms them from a window into her knowledge into a mirror of my own, and I am instantly less effective.

  • Influencers Are Faking Brand Deals – The Atlantic
    The owner of one sunglasses brand, who asked to remain anonymous so as not to alienate anyone in the influencer community, said the practice has put him in a tough position as a stream of mid-level influencers post mediocre-quality sponsored content seemingly on his behalf, without his approval or control.
  • Byrne’s Euclid
    A reproduction of Oliver Byrne’s celebrated work from 1847 plus interactive diagrams, cross references, and posters designed by Nicholas Rougeux
  • Federal court says NY ban on nunchucks unconstitutional
    The ruling went over the history of the ban, and said it “arose out of a concern that, as a result of the rising popularity ‘of ‘Kung Fu’ movies and shows,? ‘various circles of the state’s youth’ — including ‘muggers and street gangs’ — were ‘widely’ using nunchaku to cause ‘many serious injuries.’”
  • ??? CORN FACTS ??? on Twitter: “You are slowly realizing it has literally been years, maybe decades, since you ate any meal made without corn.”
    Corn is not a _food_.
    Corn is a _platform_.

  • How to read this book – The Cliff Nest
    The book will include multiple cybersecurity and/or technical challenges which will invite the readers to look around the internet. Some are part of the story, while others will ask the readers to propose a solution with a character name that will tell the solution in the story.
  • arbtt: the automatic, rule-based time tracker
    arbtt, on the other hand, is a time tracker that gets out of the way. Its core component (arbtt-capture) silently captures data about what you are doing, completely autonomously. No interaction required, no distraction possible. This information is continuously stored in a log file. A separate tool (arbtt-stats) the allows you to investigate this data, at whatever time is convenient to you, by using simple text-based rules.

    One big advantage of this approach is that you do not need to know in advance what queries you are interested in. Since the rules are applied in real-time when you are evaluating your data, and not when recording it, your raw data is always intact, and you can add more rules and forgotten special cases later.

  • Facebook made itself indispensable to media companies, “pivoted to video,” changed its mind, and triggered a industrywide mass extinction event / Boing Boing
    Then came the day that Facebook announced the “pivot to video,” a rare, clear, ringing instruction to the media companies: MAKE VIDEO. Video: the most expensive, difficult-to-skim content there is, and there’d better be a lot of it.


    It was fraud. Video, it turned out, was hard to make and hard to casually skim, but video viewership numbers are the very easiest to cook, meaning that Facebook could use all that pivoting video to rip off its advertisers.

  • After Some Careful Consideration, Our Family is Pivoting and Becoming a VR Startup – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
    That is why, starting today, we will be restructuring our focus from being a loving, suburban family to being a lean, cutthroat virtual reality software company. Trust us, it’s the right move for our family at this time.