Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-02-14

  • How Shipping Containers End Up in the Ocean – WSJ
    Nice multi axis interactive visual explanation of how a ship loses shipping containers in rough seas.
  • The Ingenuity of The ‘Ha-Ha’ | Amusing Planet
    In those early days, before mechanical lawn mowers, sheep and cattle were often allowed to graze on the ground to keep the grassland trimmed. A ha-ha was typically constructed between the estate’s gardens and grounds to prevent grazing animals from crossing over to the manicured lawn and gardens adjoining the house, while generating a continuous vista of the garden and landscape beyond. Unlike an ordinary trench, which may turn into a moat or become overgrown with vegetation, a ha-ha keeps the estate ground in an impeccable state by allowing livestock to graze right up to the stonewall.
  • Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design | Ars Technica
    Raj thought that checking the “principal” checkbox and entering the number of a Citibank wash account would ensure that the principal payment would stay at Citibank. He was wrong. To prevent payment of the principal, Raj actually needed to set the “front” and “fund” fields to the wash account as well as “principal.” Raj didn’t do that.

    Citibank’s procedures require that three people sign off on a transaction of this size. In this case, that was Raj, a colleague of his in India, and a senior Citibank official in Delaware named Vincent Fratta. All three believed that setting the “principal” field to an internal wash account number would prevent payment of the principal. As he approved the transaction, Fratta wrote: “looks good, please proceed. Principal is going to wash.”

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