Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-05-16

  • Data & Society — The Constant Boss
    In The Constant Boss, author Aiha Nguyen—Data & Society’s Labor Futures Program Director—chronicles the crucial yet underrepresented perspectives of workers in the debate about workplace surveillance and data privacy, especially (primarily) low-wage and hourly workers who are subject to workplace surveillance and algorithmic management.
  • Dan Harmon Making First Blockchain Animated Series as Fox Embraces Crypto – The Hollywood Reporter
    I do not think that title means what you think it means.

    Fox is launching an NFT company to help “art meet technology” as the ‘Rick and Morty’ creator readies ‘Krapopolis,’ an animated comedy set in mythic Ancient Greece that will break new technological ground.

  • Doc Searls Weblog · How the cookie poisoned the Web
    Today our poisoned minds can hardly imagine having native capacities of our own that can operate at scale across all the world’s websites and services. To have that ability would also be at odds with the methods and imperatives of personally targeted advertising, which requires cookies and other tracking methods. One of those imperatives is making money: $Trillions of it.

    The business itself (aka adtech) is extremely complex and deeply corrupt: filled with fraud, botnets and malware. Most of the money spent on adtech also goes to intermediaries and not to the media you (as they like to say) consume. It’s a freaking fecosystem, and every participant’s dependence on it is extreme.

  • espanso – Cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust