Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-07-25

  • Hey, that’s mine: naked man’s wild boar chase immortalised in plastic | Germany | The Guardian
    Landauer told the tabloid Bild: “I had a huge amount of work due to that picture, but financially I got nothing from it. I don’t like the fact that others are now earning money from it without asking me.”

  • The Online Photographer: Photographing With the Wrong Camera
    I think it’s in the book Photography Until Now (1989) that John Szarkowski makes the case that it is about the camera…it’s just not all about the camera. He makes the case that if you look back at history carefully enough, you can see how developments in cameras changed what people photographed and how they photographed.

    –it’s both so many times, maybe always . . . same thing applies to various technologies and their impact on thought/work etc. Garder’s hammer-hand . . .

  • Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t | WIRED
    “With to-do apps, we are attempting nothing less than to craft a superior version of ourselves. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that when we fail, the moods run so black.”

    “Pick virtually any postulate about “the best way to get organized” and app designers will have diametrically opposing views. The app Things lets you put a due date on each task; Hurst, the founder of Good Todo, hissingly denounces due dates as a form of productivity self-harm that turns into a screenful of blinking red overdue alerts.”

  • Alexander the man who knows | Library of Congress
  • The Day the Good Internet Died – The Ringer
    One of them is that “everything you hate about the internet is actually everything you hate about people.” Another is that the worst thing about the internet is “knowing what everyone thinks about everything.”

    The last is the one that, in light of everything we’ve been through since he wrote it in 2015, is almost scary to contemplate. “If you think the internet is terrible now,” he wrote on The Awl, in the tone of an ER nurse who has truly seen it all, “just wait a while. The moment you were just in was as good as it got. The stuff you shake your head about now will seem like fucking Shakespeare in 2016.”

  • Animated GIF Maker
    h/t Daniel H.
  • Kablamo Engineering Blog
    some elements to add if we ever do an intro to css class again