Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-02-20

  • MoviePass Will Track Your Eye Movements to Ensure Ads Are Watched
    MoviePass, a service formerly known for offering moviegoers unlimited movie tickets for ten dollars a month, is returning from bankruptcy with a new business model: trading ad views for “credits” used to redeem tickets. In an industry first, the platform will require users to enable the app to use their phone’s biometric facial recognition feature to ensure that they are actively viewing the ads that the platform serves. The feature will operate on any cell phone with a camera.
  • Bowdoin Launches Groundbreaking Digital Excellence Commitment | Bowdoin College
    By providing every student a 13-inch MacBook Pro, iPad mini, and Apple Pencil, Bowdoin inspires innovation and creates digital equity for every student regardless of family means, fully equipping them with the tools and opportunities to learn and lead in a digital world.