Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-07-17

  • Secret Service provided a single text exchange to IG after request for many records – CNNPolitics
    The agency explained that it was up to employees to conduct the necessary preservation of records from their phones. The letter said the service did provide personnel a “step-by-step” guide to preserve mobile phone content, including text messages, prior to the phone migration that began January 27. It went on to explain that “all Secret Service employees are responsible for appropriately preserving government records that may be created via text messaging.”

    The Secret Service wrote in the letter that it was still working to determine if any relevant information was lost in the phone migration but said it was “currently unaware of text messages issued by Secret Service employees” that were requested by the inspector general “that were not retained.”

    –I imagine the same standard applies to educational records

  • My WordPress Comments Wishlist | CSS-Tricks – CSS-Tricks
    Found via my search for some better CSS options for nested wp comments.
  • SVG Generators — Smashing Magazine
    a lot of options