Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-10-30

  • Cadillac Lyriq #shorts – YouTube
    so much technology in education is the glove box
  • Hey Elon: Let Me Help You Speed Run The Content Moderation Learning Curve | Techdirt
    Now play it out in all the ‘disruption’ lands — taxi/uber, hotel/air b&b, education . . .
  • AreYouPressworthy.com
    This website calculates your press value based on current reporting in America, to expose this bias and to advocate for change.
  • decker tour
    Pretty interesting browser tool similar to hypercard
  • How to Leave Dying Social Media Platforms | by Cory Doctorow | Oct, 2022 | Medium
    In 2015, Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook management team decided that Facebook would become a direct competitor to YouTube. Facebook lied to media companies, announcing that you and your friends couldn’t get enough of videos on Facebook and convinced them to pour billions into retooling as video production houses.

    By defrauding other companies into incurring the expenses associated with its business strategy, Facebook was able to insulate itself from the risks associated with its business strategies. When you and your friends stubbornly refused to watch Facebook videos and the whole thing collapsed, it was the media companies, not Facebook, that went broke.