Weekly Web Harvest for 2023-06-18

  • Inside the AI Factory: the humans that make tech seem human – The Verge
    The anthropologist David Graeber defines “bullshit jobs” as employment without meaning or purpose, work that should be automated but for reasons of bureaucracy or status or inertia is not. These AI jobs are their bizarro twin: work that people want to automate, and often think is already automated, yet still requires a human stand-in. The jobs have a purpose; it’s just that workers often have no idea what it is.
  • DIY Memory Lab | Los Angeles Public Library
    Located in the Octavia Lab on LL2 at Central Library, the DIY Memory Lab contains archival grade equipment for digitizing personal archival collections. The DIY Digital Memory Lab can digitize multiple formats of material, including:

  • Dumb Cuneiform. We’ll take your tweets and make them permanent clay tablets.
    It’s simple: You send us your most ephemeral and worthless communications, and we’ll carefully transcribe them into the most long-lasting medium known to man – a clay tablet.

  • The Deep Sea
    Simple, but well done.
  • Quarto
    Combine Jupyter notebooks with flexible options to produce production quality output in a wide variety of formats. Author using traditional notebook UIs or with a plain text markdown representation of notebooks.

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