Weekly Web Harvest for 2023-10-01

  • Elicit: The AI Research Assistant
  • Translating Latin demonology manuals with GPT-4 and Claude
    To test out these capabilities, I asked both GPT-4 and Claude to translate a randomly-chosen passage from a 1599 book about demonology: Magical Investigations (Latin: Disquisitionum Magicarum Libri Sex) by Martin Delrio or del Rio, a Dutch Jesuit of Spanish descent.
  • Ask HN: Lessons learned from implementing user-facing analytics / dashboards? | Hacker News
    >Have you ever had a decision maker who struggles to articulate what business decisions they want to improve? How do you handle that?
    Hah, 90% of the time. I think a big part at being good at this job is being able to coerce that information from people.

    You need a process of drilling down, kind of like the 5 Whys[0]. You want to make more profits, right? That means we need to either increase revenues or decrease costs. Are we measuring all these things (you’d be surprised at the number of seemingly successful companies who can’t)? Okay, how do we affect revenue? By increasing the number of users or increasing the revenue per user. Are we measuring those things? And on and on. It’s a perfect way to iterate, and as the company matures it can be infinitely more and more sophisticated. For lower level people, sometimes it means sitting there and watching them do their job.

    h/t Downes

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