2 for DS106

These two apps for the iPhone are not necessarily educational but they make for some decent entertainment. Think of this as my high fructose corn syrup post.


This app was kindly given to me by the Debbie Roethke who knows what kids like.

It’s stupid fun. Basically, you pick a song type and are then prompted to record specific types of sounds and it makes a song for you. I didn’t last long following the directions and moved on to just seeing what would happen if sampled random things.

The following are some random soundbites from Jim Groom’s Edupunk Battle Royale interview. It has really encouraged me to consider making my own from scratch.

Gif Shop

Make quick and easy animated gifs directly on your phone. Do it now before they all become cinemagraphs and you’re not classy enough to make them anymore. I do wish you could set it to burst at regular intervals or possibly let me click faster but it does a decent job.

4 thoughts on “2 for DS106

  1. I like your corn syrup stuff, more proof that my diet has merit.

    What’s more, John scares me now, he is a beast—no more obstacle courses. I can just imagine what that pogo stick assignment would have been.

    Fun stuff, i have to pick them up for my ipod touch.

  2. SOLD!

    You have a future in marketing for Apple….oh wait, you’re already one of those fancy ADE people, aren’t you? 🙂

    Great GIF, eager to try that app out.

  3. Just downloaded the Gift Shop app, and you completely undersell it! Any educator looking to do simple stop motion animation with their class would love this! The onion skinning is great, and something you don’t find on inexpensive apps like this. Thanks for the great share, can’t wait to experiment!

  4. There’s probably a post around things like this and even Animoto acting as gateways towards people starting to make real content- kind of like how Adobe has the various interfaces as you progress towards wanting more control. The key would be in thinking how to encourage that kind of movement.

    I look forward to more gifs from you both.

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