7 Things About Me

Since Milobo tagged me and I follow the rules of tag like a religion here are 7 things about me.

  1. As a general rule I don’t like schools or organized US education 1. I often wonder how I ended up doing this or if I even really belong here. On a positive note, I did enjoy Montessori school when I was younger.
  2. I have had 9 different full time jobs since I graduated in 2000. I’ve been hired by HCPS three separate times now and the University of Richmond twice.
  3. I’ve lived in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, South Korea, New York and Virginia. If it wasn’t for my extended family I’d move to Australia even though I’ve never been there. I like Steve Irwin that much.
  4. I used to chase rabbits a lot in my neighborhood- barefoot 2 I caught one once. Once.
  5. I hate that I have to sleep but like sleeping. I can’t help but think of how much more stuff I could do if I could just get by on 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. As a result I’m always looking for ways people go without sleep and still manage to survive. For about a year I tried massive amounts of caffeine. It was normal for me to drink 3 Sobe No Fear 24K Energy Gold drinks a day while also chewing Mad Croc Caffeinated gum3. I now know this method does not work.

    Right now I drink virtually no caffeine.

    As a benefit, I can now sleep virtually anywhere at any time.

  6. I refuse to read or watch the news and have no interest in Jessica Simpson.
  7. I was once touched by a lemur- no, not emotionally. He (she?) reached through the cage and touched my hand. I still plan to go back and rescue him.

I’m not sure who I’ll tag. I’m looking for slow, unaware people. Let me know if you see anyone fitting that description.

1 I probably don’t like other the systems in other countries either but I haven’t met them yet.

2 Me . . . that is, I’m barefoot and the rabbit is as well, I guess.

3 Tip- if you don’t chew through the bitter, horrible phase you really don’t get the full caffeine dose.

4 thoughts on “7 Things About Me

  1. I’d say that I am probably the slowest person you know, and often unaware, but the fact that I saw this post already and posted a note kind of negates that I guess. Anyway, I just did 25 things on FB and probably don’t have 7 more. Enjoyed reading your 7, though.

  2. Nice job, though I’d love to read a 25 Things list from you. You’ve got such a knack for creative teaching and thinking that it makes me wonder what else is up there hiding out in that brain of yours.

    And what power your network now holds with the knowledge that you take tag so seriously. I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there who’d like to start a “7 chores” meme? I’m tagging you.

  3. Nice one – for a good 10 years now, I have been getting by on an average about 4 hours of sleep. First it was necessary and then it just became a habit. At no point, caffeine was a factor. Having interest in a multitude of topics (science/physics, mathematics, philosophy, a bit of sports) and happily switching randomly between topics would constantly extend my day/night.

    I did recently suffer from, due to consistent lack of sleep [and untimely eating], from simple cough lasting several months. But if you are good with your eating habits, you won’t have that problem 🙂

  4. Gowtham,

    I envy that. I’m not sure I’d function properly on the 4 hr sleep plan. I can guarantee failure if I kept it up for 10 years.

    I have a similar problem with multiple interests (different ones but nonetheless). So many things to do and learn and so little time.

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