Cartoons keep speaking to me

These are not the voices you want reminding you of where education is headed.

Centralized pacing guides, centrally created lesson plans and myriad of other choices are moving teachers into the role of trained chickens with little choice and less say about what happens in their classrooms. Standardization is great for planning and scaling but haven’t we proven over and over again that learning should be individualized?

If we can’t trust teachers to pace their own classes, to make their own lesson plans then there’s a serious problem with the people we’re hiring as teachers. Providing all the processes and structures in the world won’t fix that.

One thought on “Cartoons keep speaking to me

  1. So completely true yet it is always ignored, why?
    because schools are indoctrination factories designed to produce social automatons (chickens) who will push a button for a pellet and never question those in power. No, the problems is not with schools it’s societal, We no longer tell our children to be critical thinkers, and question authority figures whose arguments don’t stand up to the test of logic, instead we say to do as your told an you’ll fit the mold, be a productive worker. If we teach our children to answer to logic and reason then they will be able to discern for themselves what is going on.

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