More #DS106 Possibilities

Silhouette Take a silhouette from a movie, fill it with another scene from that movie to create something evocative of both yet entirely new. Pay close attention to the colors you use. To increase difficulty make it monochromatic. -via FFFFound Coupons Re-imagine1 key elements/lessons/morals of the movie as coupons. -via SuperPunch Rid the World Think […]

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Assignment Wild Cards

by Blacklisted, on Flickr This series of thoughts (maybe just one messy thought) was inspired by No Good Reason’s post, although no one should blame Martin for what I have written here. I’ll speak in specifics regarding the #ds106 course but I think the concept can easily apply to any course where participants are creating […]

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Animated GIFs

Forrest Gump Not my favorite movie but I’m now randomly thinking of movie shots that would make good animated GIFs in my head during spare moments. Wolverines! Red Dawn was one of my favorite movies growing up. I lived in South Korea on an army base when this came out. I was totally prepared to […]

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Animated GIF in Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

Inspired by the Noise Professor’s decision to make his animated GIF in Photoshop, I decided to play around with that tonight and ended up learning a good bit and with a much better process and product (fewer programs, higher quality). I didn’t know you could do this all in just CS4. Video to Images Capture […]

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