Conditional Field Display in ACF Based on Options Value

In ACF, the conditional logic for fields is constrained to data found in the other fields in the group. That works for most things.

In this case, I wanted to have an options page for the theme that allowed two different patterns for timeline events. If you choose the “structured events” pattern, I want to hide the generic contents field (one big field) and instead show a set of fields with a lot more specific fields.

The function and filter below will hide the fields tied to the key field_6514218c94d25 if the option setting (structured_events) is set to “yes.” Conversely, it shows them if “no” is selected.

function dlinq_acf_regular_event( $field ) {

if( get_field('structured_events', 'options') === 'yes' ) {

return false;


return $field;}

add_filter('acf/prepare_field/key=field_6514218c94d25', 'dlinq_acf_regular_event');


There’s a similar piece that hides/shows the more detailed fields.

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