Costic Acsinte – 30 Minutes of Healing

Costic? Axinte

I found Costic? Acsinte1 which is a new Flickr Commons participant. It also has a Twitter account. I really like these photographs and the backstory is interesting as well. They almost seem to good to be true but I’d almost be more excited if they were. In any case, the images are awesome.

A number of factors coalesced last night- these photographs, returning from taking too many present day photos for the VSTE conference, and some inspiration from Stephen Downes’ ‘Half an Hour’ site. I decided I’d spend 30 minutes each night making something. It’s not Daily Create (although it might be at times) and this isn’t a pledge to you in order to keep myself accountable. I tend to trend much more towards self-directed inspiration and react against most, if not all, outside pressures. With my self-analysis session out of the way, I decided last night to try to “repair” one of the photos from the Costic? Acsinte group. I say “repair” because I really love the artifacts of decay in the images. I don’t know if removing them improves the image at all. It may even make the picture less than what it is but I had never tried to repair a photograph in this way and I thought it’d be an interesting process. I set the boundary at 30 minutes so I wouldn’t get too obsessed.

Naturally, I made an animated gif to help show the process.

I may make a “reverse entropy” #ds106 assignment but I’m considering one as well where you create the age artifacts with more recent photographs.



repair work


Naturally there are groups on the Internet that do this sort of thing just to make the world a better place.2

1 The name “Acsinte” is also written on the page as “Axinte.” Neither translate to anything on Google Translate but the “axinte” version leads me to a LinkedIn profile with the job description “mechanical at Magic Systems SA.” It hints at interesting things but probably just in my head.

2 Maybe DS106 needs a “community service” element . . . or maybe DS106 is community service.

2 thoughts on “Costic Acsinte – 30 Minutes of Healing

  1. Name Acsinte/Axinte means nothing in particular, it’s just a family name. On his birth certificate the name was Acsinte but later on he change it into Axinte — i don’t know why is that, probably to differentiate from his brother, a photographer too.

    Keep up the good work!

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