Damaged Photo Tutorial – Costica Ascinte Style

I love the @Costica Acsinte Flickr photos. I like them enough to try to make one.

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Tom Woodward

Here’s a super quick video on how I did it. Essentially, steal beautifully broken chunks of those photographs and add them as layers to your photo.

I did say “transfer” instead of “transform” and I use all Mac shortcuts. I am also sorry for having no idea how to say “Costica Acsinte” or “opacity”.

3 thoughts on “Damaged Photo Tutorial – Costica Ascinte Style

    1. That’d be awesome! I butcher English so I’m sure I killed that attempt.

      The pictures just keep getting better and better. It’s all I can do not to favorite every one. I appreciate all your hard work and the openness with which you share the photographs.

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