Edubloggercon and NECC

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I’m living on vitamin C and Sobe Energy Gold so if I’m a little twitchy you’ll know why.

I just got back Tuesday from a great time in Florida with Colleen Glaude and Michelle Bourgeois. They’re both Apple Distinguished Educators (I’ll be seeing Colleen in CA this summer for Apple Camp). They were doing some powerful (and fun) work with teachers from Pensacola and I got to come down and participate for the first day. The energy and effort they, and their teachers, brought to the training was amazing. I had a blast. I think this quote from a participating teachers sums things up best.

But I really blogged in to tell Colleen and Michelle once again what a really awesome summer camp DLSI III was. I don’t use the the word _awesome_ readily; in fact, I don’t use it because its root _awe_should be reserved for the most inspirational and awe-inspiring things. It is obvious that you two worked hard on this inservice; plus, you kept the energy level going throughout the days. Congrats and thank you for a most successful inservice

I’m headed to Edubloggercon tomorrow morning! Then it is on to NECC! It’s going to be an exciting time. I’m looking forward to my first national edtech conference and the chance to meet some people I’ve been reading for a long time. I’ll be bloggin it if you’re interested and if you’re there let me know as I’m looking for some real life meetings and good conversations.

Sunday afternoon looks like the only down time and I’ve got to finish a project for my almost complete masters so I’m grateful for that.

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One thought on “Edubloggercon and NECC

  1. Thanks, Tom, for the kind words – both Colleen and I share a passion for what we do that often manifests itself in acts of random fun. It’s a funny thing how teachers learn best when they are entertained and engaged in what they are learning….makes you wonder if the same would hold true for their students, doesn’t it?
    Our goal was to help teachers “teach outside the box” not by overtly training them to use technology tools, but by giving them a framework for innovation that they can use regardless of what the tool happens to be. It was a magical week for us in that the teachers were able to see that a big part of innovation comes from collaboration and that there is always something new to learn.

    You were a great part of getting the week started on a high note – thanks again for all of your help!


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