Feeds Growing Slowly

So I’m slowly re-adding feeds to the newly blank aggregator (I always picture a very aggravated alligator when I see that word- too many Crocodile Hunter shows with my son).

See what I’m reading below maybe you’ll find something interesting (maybe not) but I’m looking to expand so drop your top sites (educational or non) in the comments. I’m really looking for more on WordPress, design, change and data visualization.

Real Life Collides
Rationale: People I’ve actually met.

bavatuesdays – Jim “WordPress” Groom (coworker)
Pandaemonium – Kevin “Bossman” Creamer (coworker – counts as only .3 of a blog due to infrequent updating)
EdTech Journeys – a wise man from NY who writes about staffdev and change
Operative Fitness – My brother-in-law’s slightly nutty fitness blog (in a good way). I dabble with extreme-ish fitness and am back at it now that I’m out of K12.

Humor/Non Serious/Inspiration
Rationale: I like odd things and I feel humor plays a really important role in teaching (or should anyway).
Boing Boing – lots of good ideas here
Defective Yeti – I really like this guy and he writes really well
Tcritic – a blog about interesting t-shirts
XKCD – a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language

Rationale: Each of these blogs has something unique that keeps me coming back.
Dy/Dan – math, design, shooting down Web 2.0 zealotry w/o being too contrary (most of the time)
CogDogBlog – solid, consistent, high quality work and anti-spam pundit
Liberal Education Today – a NITELY blog by Bryan Alexander
Techsavvyed – MI tech integration with no militia ties. I’ve had a long history with Ben and think he does great work.

Rationale: Design and education are solidly linked in my mind and I just like design.
Information Aesthetics

O’reilly Radar – can be a lot I don’t care about but there’s usually at least one good post each time
Hack WordPress – title says it all. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring with WP and this blog is pretty helpful.

4 thoughts on “Feeds Growing Slowly

  1. “slightly nutty fitness blog”… that’s a great summary. I think I need to change my sub-header.

  2. No militia ties, yet! Give me a chance to earn my NRA membership and then we’ll see what happens 🙂

    Thanks for including me in your new era of aggregation. I’ve been adding a few more feeds lately, and I can’t send you enough thanks for the Dy/Dan link. Definitely going to have to add the Hack WordPress blog to my feeds now too.

  3. I”ll be stealing your feeds as you add them. I’d like to do that with my email box- wipe it all out but I need to keep the evidence in case I need it to justify myself to K. 🙂 Thanks for the help today. Miss you!

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