Filtering CSV in PHP

I got an email from a KQED reporter asking about this old post on importing CSVs into Google Sheets. The source data was big though and hosted on GitHub and they only wanted the California data.

I thought that anything we did in Google Script was likely to time out so I built a little PHP filter.

//I commented these out so I could more easily see the data at the URL
//header("Content-Type: text/csv"); 
//header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=CA-data.csv");

$csvFile  = '';//original file source


function readCSV($csvFile,$state){
    $file_handle = fopen($csvFile,'r');//get that file
    $i = 0;
    while (!feof($file_handle)) {
        $line = fgetcsv($file_handle, 1024,';');
        $row = explode(',', $line[0]);//turn the csv line into an array so we can check for the state more easily- the state is the 2nd object in the array (remember counting starts at 0 here)
        if($row[2] === 'California' || $i === 0){//is the state California or is it the first row? if so . . . 
        	echo $line[0] . PHP_EOL; //spit out the data and add the PHP end of line
        	$i = $i+1;

Now instead of importing the main CSV URL in GitHub, we’ll do the import on my filter URL at Seems to work nicely and you can set the trigger to re-import every day at whatever time you want.

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