FlashFace (aka the Literary or Historical Persona Creator)

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My title makes it sound much more academic so use it in the lesson plan and flashface with your kids.

A fun way to get kids thinking about the characters in a novel or history. Send them to flashface and have them create their characters for use elsewhere (as icons for blogs). Bonus points for aligning them to the descriptions used in the work.

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4 thoughts on “FlashFace (aka the Literary or Historical Persona Creator)

  1. Tom,
    Keep these ideas coming. They are a great counterpoint to the “philosophical” manifestos out there. We need both. How can you package all these wonderfully creative and useful ideas so that non-blog reading teachers can get at them?
    Great work.

  2. Dean- that is quite a compliment. I’m just easily bored and am obsessed with finding ways to make things fun for me. 🙂

    Pete- good question. Jim and I have considered going the weekly email newsletter route or possibly a podcast but I’m not sure that’d get too many more people and I’m not sure I can find enough quality uses to put out things like clockwork with the time I have right now. Plus I see so many email newsletters tossed immediately that it often seems a waste of time.

    Maybe a regular web page page based around a logic tree would work. Click on your subject (English), click on what you’d like to spice up (descriptive writing) and poof flashface (and other sites) would appear with a short blurb suggesting usage and maybe a lesson plan? I don’t know if that’d be more attractive to non-blog readers.

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