Welcome VSTE 2007 Attendees

Welcome participants of VSTE Conference. If your looking for blogging resources connected with our presentation “Bob on Blogs,” you will find it here. Feel free to look around and comment while you’re visiting, and make sure you subscribe to or bookmark the blog. We update it several times a week.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome VSTE 2007 Attendees

  1. Ahhhhhh, now I’m jealous that my big conference isn’t for another two weeks 🙁

    Hope your presentation went well, and your resources are well received by the conference go-ers. I took a look at the solid list of blogs and videos you guys put together (nice work!). If all goes well, perhaps a trip to NECC with this presentation is in order? 🙂

  2. Great session! Was just on wordpress.com looking at the requirements to set up a blog on my server space. Looks like it might be a bit more difficult than I thought. Any tips before I roll up my sleeves and dig in?

  3. The session was great! One of the best I attended. I will be looking for a free blog site to get started in a small way. Thank you so much for the kickoff.

  4. Ben– We had a lot of fun and it looks like things went really well so I’m pretty happy. I’ll be attending NECC this year but no presenting although you’re kind to say that. The NECC level is kind of intimidating to me, never having been there. I want to take a good look around first.

    Tina– If you let me know what looks daunting I might be able to help out. Do you have php and MySQL installed already or is that what seems intimidating?

    I only wandered into any kind of server admin work about a year ago so it’s pretty new to me as well but if I managed to stumble through things I think you’ll have no trouble.

    The great thing about WordPress is they really do have an amazing community and they have helped me whenever I’ve needed it. You can get to their help forums at http://wordpress.org/support/ if you haven’t been by there yet. Lots of information and very helpful people.

    Roxanne– Thanks. It was a lot of fun for us and it was really nice to have so many people that early in the morning. Keep us posted on how things go.

  5. Hey Ben! I grew up in Holt, MI! I am dying for some snow down here. The presentation was well received. It’s always nice to see your hard work inspire others. Please feel free to pass along the Bob on Blogs page, and any suggestions you might have for improving the resource would be welcomed. We want to make blogging in the classroom as teacher-friendly as possible.

    Tina and Roxanne, thanks for giving us some of your time. Let us know how we can help you get started on this adventure.

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