Like Fish in Water


This Ted Nelson quote seemed like a fun one to try to visualize. I was inspired by this set of minimalist quote posters and found this DS106 assignment that fit the topic pretty well.

Making waves
I used white circles over a blue square to make the waves. Not mind shattering, but a quick easy way to do it that might get some people to think differently. This allows me to adjust them easily after the fact which a number of other ways to do this would not have allowed.

My friend the goldfish

I drew the goldfish in Keynote. I really, really need to break myself of that habit but I’ve grown to like the vector drawing in that program despite the many, many shortfalls it has on other levels.

5 thoughts on “Like Fish in Water

  1. Awesome quote, and this poster is gorgeous! Nothing better thn when you start creatively marrying the ideas to the visual representation of them.

    1. Alan Kay and I agree on some interesting things. I’d never really read anything he wrote. This one was easy to visualize. I need to think through how to do something with the “I knew the teachers were lying to me” one. I really, really want to do that.

  2. Well, I think there should be another one there in your picture with his True Friend. Besides, you said “fish” which is the plural form of fish.

    Well, bye!

    1. I have no badge, so my friendship status has always been in dispute.I don’t want to overstep my bounds.

      I also appreciate that the plural form of ocelot, is ocelots.

      1. Well, but you just haven’t received it yet but you applied for it and qualified for it anyway.

        So that fish needs a little True Friend beside him. Or maybe a whole MOOC of fish (plural of them, not single of them) fish. Which is like a SCHOOL of fish but except they are on the Internet. Maybe Skype.

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