Flickr Photos by Year/Month

I was looking around to see how many pictures I’ve been posting to Flickr since taking the new job at VCU. I had a feeling there was a dramatic increase but I was curious about actual numbers. After stumbling around the Internet for a bit attempting to do things the hard way, I stumbled on a URL from 2004 —

It didn’t seem to be working but since the URL itself made sense, I just replaced heather with my flickr username and put in the current year/month to get Dingo!1 So not only do I get the numbers I want, but I also get a calendar view of all the days I took pictures. I’m still far away from the D’Arcy/Alan shot a day stuff but that’s not really my style.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.08.44 AM

I can now look and see that in three months at VCU, I’ve taken more shots than I have in entire years in the past. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything but I’m having fun and I have the mental energy and desire to do things like this in ways I hadn’t previously. Quantity isn’t the goal but lots of practice and lots of reflection ought to create some improvement.

1 It feels right. Surely you aren’t going to argue that bingo really makes better sense somehow?