Event Calendar & Participation

One pretty common need I’m starting to see around community-engaged learning is a way for students/faculty to submit events to a central calendar and then indicate their participation in various events. That comes with various program requirements. People want specific reflection patterns per event and have different ideas around what an event counts for in their program. That comes with additional metadata requirements, dashboard views etc. We did something like this with cultural events when we made the RVArts.org site.1 I’ve got at least three programs interested in this process and some are pursuing products like Give Pulse. So I took advantage of the request from the da Vinci Center to look at how quickly we could make a functional prototype that would – create a calendar of upcoming approved events for students allow students to submit reflections on those events with a particular structure allow students to submit additional events for approval generate data visualization and reporting for student reflection and for program analysis purposes I took the more difficult route and assumed we’d have no user accounts just to see what that felt like. With user accounts this become easier. Even with this restriction I was able to build out a functional custom theme in around three hours. Next time, it’d be considerably faster. We could easily bring […]

Google Calendar Events via Google Form

This script allows you to setup a Google Form that adds events to a calendar. It’s useful. You’d make your form first and calendar. Then you’d adjust it to reflect your particular column order and calendar ID. Finally, you’d add the script to your Google sheet (where the form submissions end up). [Edit] You’ll also want to set your script trigger to run on the submission of the form. While in script editor, you’ll see a little clock icon. Click it and add the trigger so that the function runs on form submission. That’s about it.

More Dates in WordPress

creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by peacay As I continue to mess around with time/calendaring in WordPress I thought it’d be helpful to be able to allow users to add specific events1 to the calendar service of their choice. That led me to the addthisevent.com javascript. It allows the user to choose the calendar format of their choice from a variety of options plus it’s free for non-profits and schools. Initially, I just threw a script link in the footer of my Time child theme but that’s not really how you’re supposed to do things in WordPress Land and it meant that a pretty useful action would be restricted to that single theme. There are also some people in the AddThisEvent comments requesting WordPress plugins. Since I’m wandering around the borders of Programistan anyway, I figured I’d write a plugin. This may be beating a dead horse in terms of detail but I’m hoping it might help other people who aren’t programmers get things done. Version 1 The first version was as barebones as you can get. It does via plugin what I did previously via the theme – stick the addthisevent script in the footer. I referenced the WP wp_enqueue_script2 page in the codex to do this. You can see it commented up below. Version […]

Flickr Photos by Year/Month

I was looking around to see how many pictures I’ve been posting to Flickr since taking the new job at VCU. I had a feeling there was a dramatic increase but I was curious about actual numbers. After stumbling around the Internet for a bit attempting to do things the hard way, I stumbled on a URL from 2004 — https://www.flickr.com/photos/heather/archives/date-posted/2004/06/calendar/ It didn’t seem to be working but since the URL itself made sense, I just replaced heather with my flickr username and put in the current year/month to get https://www.flickr.com/photos/bionicteaching/archives/date-posted/2013/04/calendar/. Dingo!1 So not only do I get the numbers I want, but I also get a calendar view of all the days I took pictures. I’m still far away from the D’Arcy/Alan shot a day stuff but that’s not really my style. I can now look and see that in three months at VCU, I’ve taken more shots than I have in entire years in the past. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything but I’m having fun and I have the mental energy and desire to do things like this in ways I hadn’t previously. Quantity isn’t the goal but lots of practice and lots of reflection ought to create some improvement. 1 It feels right. Surely you aren’t going to argue that bingo really makes better sense somehow?