Clean the WordPress Dashboard & Add Your Own Content

This little plugin is meant for WordPress multisite. When network activated, it closes all the default dashboard widgets and adds your own. It populates your widget with the title and excerpt of any posts on your root blog that are in the category ‘support.’ It’s meant to make it easy for you to add tutorial […]

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Duplicate Featured Image Remover

Super Mario jumping endlessly to create bit coins.

Origin Story In a number of scenarios we’ve used plugins to use the first image in the post as the featured image. That’s nice in that if people forget or are unaware of the featured image it’ll happen automatically and that fits in nicely with how various themes use featured images in various layouts. Where […]

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Accessible ACF-Based Tooltip Dictionary

We have a bunch of world language professors prying at the edges of Pressbooks. One of the requests yesterday was to be able to create a mini-dictionary of target language words at the beginning of sections written in that target language. Mousing over the words would show their English equivalent. The intent is to have […]

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YouTube Snippets WordPress Plugin

I made a little shortcode plugin for making it fairly easy to embed YouTube video snippets. The plugin supports both a start and end time or either a start or end time. It also now allows you to embed multiple videos on a single page. The plugin works like below. Times are in seconds. [yt_video […]

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WordPress Plugin Health Dashboard (Early POC)

In trying to get a better handle on how we’re going to manage our plugins in the future, I found the API for the plugins data. Not like they were hiding it but I’d not seen it before.Consider me Columbus– absent the genocide, slavery, and other terrible things. Replacing *slug* in the following URL […]

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Instagram-ish WordPress Filter Shortcode Plugin

That beautiful link-bait title and a picture of a dead leaf! That’s why I’m a social media guru. With that self-promotion out of the way . . . I found this CSS library from Una.1 It lets you apply instagram-like filters to image via CSS. Also got to have a nice interaction with Una via […]

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