Clean the WordPress Dashboard & Add Your Own Content

This little plugin is meant for WordPress multisite. When network activated, it closes all the default dashboard widgets and adds your own. It populates your widget with the title and excerpt of any posts on your root blog that are in the category ‘support.’ It’s meant to make it easy for you to add tutorial links across the site to a place that most users go frequently. It’s comment up a bit below but there’s not much too it. I remember struggling with something like this a number of years ago. So there is some evidence that I am getting better over time.

mouse over sidebar item to get name to remove in php

Cleansing the Dashboard

Pre-Intervention Post-Intervention I’ve often had requests to make the admin dashboard in WordPress simpler for students (although it’s just as likely applicable to faculty or humans in general). The example in the Juxtapose box above (slide it!)1 The result above is an example based on one such request. The goal was to take the initial dashboard and reduce it down to the absolute minimum of items needed for students and to move them directly into the place they were likely to spend most of their time working (not the dashboard). The code below is all stuff that ends up living the functions file of the custom theme or could be incorporated into a plugin.2 This following code from here makes sure that the only posts an author sees are the ones they wrote. I’m not sure why that’s not the default but . . . The following removes menu items from the sidebar. It’s a combination of things I found in the Codex and in this post. It’s probable I can combine and simplify them but I haven’t taken the time to do that yet. Since there was one sidebar item coming from the theme/plugin, I wasn’t sure how WordPress would handle removing it. Turned out to be pretty straightforward. Mousing over the sidebar item got me the http://MYSITE.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=vc-general and […]

Lynda Tutorial Link in Rampages Dashboard Plugin

Nothing fancy here but maybe useful to someone. Based on a faculty member request, I took the WP widget API default code and created a little dashboard widget to put a link to the Lynda.com WordPress tutorials on every dashboard page (network activated). Can’t hurt and I think I’ll end up expanding this into a messaging system so I can publish “breaking” news and other useful tips.