Instagram-ish WordPress Filter Shortcode Plugin

That beautiful link-bait title and a picture of a dead leaf! That’s why I’m a social media guru.

With that self-promotion out of the way . . . I found this CSS library from Una.1 It lets you apply instagram-like filters to image via CSS. Also got to have a nice interaction with Una via Twitter to clarify the license.

It fit a need that a professor was expressing for one of our WordPress installs so I wrapped it in a plugin/shortcode combination.

The structure goes like so . . .
[ cssgram img="" filter="_1977" ]

Plain Image

A Few Filtered Examples




1 Check out her site if you’re into developer stuff at all.

2 thoughts on “Instagram-ish WordPress Filter Shortcode Plugin

  1. This is very cool, wondering about some randomizing or combining. FWIW, the filters do not show their effect in the RSS feed, which makes sense as it’s unformatted html

    1. I think that the randomizer would be be pretty easy. I had mixed feelings about making this as I’m not a huge Instagram fan but who am I to judge?

      I hadn’t thought about the RSS aspect.

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