Change WordPress slug on title change

I’m trying to post smaller pieces of code as they come up to better document things for myself and maybe it’ll end up helpful for others. So these things aren’t terribly exciting and may, in fact, be boring. The Context I set up a custom post type named “Cards” and another custom post type named […]

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Making Google Scripts & Google Sidebars Talk

flickr photo shared by Internet Archive Book Images with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) Sometimes you want a Google Sidebar element to be able to pull variables from a Google Script. The key element is I’m still not entirely sure I have this in my head deeply/correctly but this is functional and might help […]

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flickr photo shared by CraigMoulding under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license Just two little functions in Google Sheets that came up as we tried to quickly pull comments from a blog for some other work. It was an odd scenario but the techniques should have other useful applications. IMPORTFEED The function below pulls […]

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Private Comments via XMLIMPORT

Making shareable (Sharing with a single person or specific group but not with the world.) comments on public writing is a fairly awkward spaaaaaace right now. There are things like AnnotateIt and Awesome Screenshot and the annotations in Diigo. So I’m looking around for other free options and brain storming odd ideas and not find […]

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Little Trick, Big Numbers

I often want to know just a bit more about numbers I see in tables. As I was looking at some thing today, I stumbled on the Wikipedia page for “List of Most Viewed YouTube Videos“. After being more than a bit amazed at the utterly staggering numbers. I wanted to know what they translated […]

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