Mixed Photography


I’ve been doing some basketball photography. It’s different than football. Easier in some ways. There’s a lot less space to cover, a lot fewer people, so it’s easier to see what’s going on and you don’t need to move as much. At the same time, things move more quickly (even with younger kids) and the light tends to be pretty poor. I also have to get used to having height play more of a role. Having the rim in the shot is an important aspect in many of the shots and I have a tendency to be too close.




This is my ad photo for Jameson. I spotted it walking around in the early morning and thought it’d be kind of funny. I tried another version to get the cap in focus instead but it didn’t work out. Kind of fun light and perspective. Lots of room for non-existent copy.



I like the extension going on in both the basketball shots. I’ve been sticking with mechanical shutter but may have to move to electric as I really like being able to get that exact moment of the ball leaving the fingers. I have gotten much faster at processing photos.


A bit grainy but maybe in a good way. I liked the way it felt the snake was coming out of the front of the frame and leading you in. A lot of these shots were with a F4 lens that was semi-functioning but it worked out ok. I’d like to go back with an F2.8 and see what I could do in some of these dimmer areas.



A couple looking at a map, framed by a guy looking at a map. There were lots of options to see people consulting maps. I liked it and the poses.



Not a bad bird close up given the lens at hand. I like the texture of the feathers and how it mixes a bit with the ISO grain.


I haven’t done any random street<footnote>Fine. Zoo.</footnote> photography in a long time.



A common dabbling duck diving a bit deeper.


The two dogs were accompanied, don’t worry. I liked the mix of blue light and the Husky eyes.


Here, I’m on a chair with a semi-wide lens near the bottom of the backboard. I’d like to reshoot this with something wider. It’s a fun view.


Birds are crazy.


Not great focus but I like the looming ball (and I dislike the ball almost hitting the camera).