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I love the way in some videos you can click on images or text on the screen and they are interactive- taking you to URLs or different portions of the video. I really feel that in education, and elsewhere, this has amazing potential. Making text interactive through hyperlinks changed the world so doing the same thing with video is likely to have some real power as well.

I’m not a big fan of Flash so I had explored a few of the Quicktime options (mainly Livestage Pro. The software creating these movies is fairly expensive and has a pretty steep learning curve. Not ideal for education or for encouraging student/teacher use (or me for that matter and I like this stuff).

Enter Asterpix (I know, with a 12-3-07 launch I’m late to the ball). This online service (registration required) allows you to add clickable links to movies. It plays nicely with Youtube and gives you and embed code. See example above.

While it’s not quite as slick as I’d like- it makes up for it in terms of ease of use and pure getting things done. I’m very happy. There’s something to be said for just increasing the amount, as well as adding different formats, of data in videos and then there are a lot of creative options you could add. I’d like to create a video test/scavenger hunt that is designed to push you towards different resources and tasks based on your answers in the video. Kind of a choose-your-own-adventure video test.

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  1. nat kausik said on December 12, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    dear tom,

    thanks for trying asterpix. you write that you wish the product were slicker. i am keen to get your feedback on how we might improve it.

    please email me. thanks

    nat kausik, (email removed by me for Nat’s privacy/non-spamming)