Photography #171

This is by far the largest photography post I’ve had in a long time. VCU or maybe the city of Richmond has changed how parking works for quite a ways around where I work. Many of the places I used to park to vary my walking path to work are now 2hr parking or paid parking. I’ve also fallen prey to the belief that I need to hurry into work and get things done. Both those developments have hurt my photography patterns.

This post was brought about by doing a few different things.

Some of the shots are from walking from our building to the medical campus down Broad Street. That is always full of interesting things and people.

A big chunk came from going to Field Day of the Past which is something like a carnival mixed with a historical site crossed with a swap meet. It brings any number of societal issues to the forefront via giant flags. I hate being at carnivals but like taking pictures at them.1

The insect macros are courtesy of some succulent that brings all the bees to the yard.2 There are usually 8 to 10 large bees sleeping on the flowers and you can get very close early in the morning as they are nearly comatose until they warm up from the cooler night. I also threw in just a single football picture as I’m still photographing the JV games.

The last picture at the bottom is from a night walk we went on in the local woods. We were hoping to find snakes3 or owls but only ended up with some leopard frogs. I only brought my phone and regretted it. But it was an interesting first attempt which we’ll revisit in the future. The kids have also gotten into photographing birds so I need to think through some useful forage plants and maybe a zoom extender . . .

Motto of all this for photography is pretty simple. Vary patterns. Take advantage of opportunities. Always bring your camera.

trump flags and confederate flags


Buick Form

butterfly macro


Fairlane 500 with katydid

VCU brass practice in the park

Amusement ID

Semi colors


Fred G. Sanford Money Hat


guages and dials


Corbitt Henderson NC

Field Day of the Past - smoke

broken colors

alpaca attention

1 I also contain other contradictions. Stop hassling me.

2 That’s right. It’s better than yours. (I like that she’s a chef now.) I’d tell you what it is but I’d have to charge.

3 It is baby snake season.